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Citizen of the Week

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I really shouldn’t go about blowing my own horn (unless it is a saxophone), but it was very nice to be identified as Citizen of the Week by the Ambler Gazette recently.  The article is here.  It is nice to get some exposure in this way.

Thanks to whoever nominated me!

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Baseball and Climate Change

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The commentators on today’s baseball game spoke about the changes in ERA for professional baseball over the decades.  They gave averages per decade for the past 30 years.  This made me wonder about a more detailed view.

I went to and collected league average ERAs from 1944 until 2009 and plotted them, as shown below.

MLB average ERA vs time

Change in MLB average ERA as a function of time

It doesn’t appear to me that there is any clear trend here.  There is a low point in 1968, which is strange because the pitching mound was lowered in 1969 and I was expecting the low point there.

There does appear to be an increase in ERA from 1968 until 2009, but the highest ERA was in 1931.  So maybe there are just local fluctuations as pitching gets stronger and then batters catch up and then pitchers catch up, and so on.

This started me thinking about global temperatures.  I hear many discussions on whether or not the observed changes in temperature for the planet (average surface temperature, for example) are a clear trend or a fluctuation.  In many respects this is a key question for people trying to understand the human impact on temperature.

So for grins, I grabbed the global temperature as reported by NASA from 1944 until 2009.  Then I averaged the temperatures in the months May through September (baseball season) over this period.

The following graph shows the relationship between seasonal temperatures and league average ERA.

Correlation between global seasonal temperature and MLB average ERA

Correlation between global seasonal temperature and MLB average ERA

This appears to have a higher correlation than other graphs.

So although I don’t know what is causing global temperature changes, it does appear that warmer summers leads to better hitting!

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Petition signing

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It is petition signing time…  In order to have a candidate’s name on the primary ballot it is necessary to collect signatures on petitions demonstrating support for the candidate.  Different positions require different numbers of signatures – I think they are loosely tied to the number of voters represented by the candidate.

I’ve been collecting signatures for me (to continue as Republican Committeeperson), Tom Murt (State Rep), Stewart Greenleaf (State Senate), Dee Adcock (US Congress) and Tom Corebett (PA Governor).

Although it entails much walking through the snow, it is a pleasant task.  I get to meet neighbors who I only see during petition signing periods and have a chat with them.  I have to say that overall it was an enjoyable experience.

Some people don’t want to sign anything, but I want to clarify that those people were very polite about it and there were no hard feelings.  After all when some stranger walks up to the door asking for signatures, I think it is natural to have some reluctance. Some people were supportive only of some of the candidates but not all, and that is their prerogative.  Again, very polite and cordial.

Probably the most frustrating part is the number of people who are NOT home!  It seems that no matter what day or time I pick to go soliciting the majority of the neighborhood is out doing something more fun than signing petitions.  Good for them, but bad for my shoe leather!

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Dee Adcock

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Well the Montgomery County 13th district convention is over.  Six strong candidates entered and one was chosen.  After the first round of voting, Damian Dachowski and Dee Adcock met the criteria for second round voting.  After the second round, Dee Adcock was selected as the endorsed candidate to run for US Congress.

Philadelphia County 13th district still has their endorsement meeting pending, but here in Montgomery County, Dee Adcock is our candidate.

Good luck Dee!

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US 13th Congressional District

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This Monday there will be a convention of the Republican Committee-people from the Montgomery County portion of US Congressional District 13.  At this meeting we will vote to endorse one of the 6 candidates planning to run for Congress against Allyson Schwartz. Approximately 450 Committee people will be voting.

This is an interesting adventure.  The goal is to identify the candidate most likely to win the general election and support the overall Republican ideals including  efficient  and appropriate government, lower taxes, and security for the citizenship.

All six candidates are considered to be good choices which makes the process more difficult.  Five of these candidates will be rejected and one will be endorsed.  It is a difficult process, but I think that all six of them will band together to support the party.

Most of the press indicates Dr. Damian Dachowski to be the front runner. A dentist by profession, he is charismatic, a good communicator, clear on the issues and has the most momentum of the group.  I posted in an earlier blog entry about Damian’s Health Care Town Hall in early September.  He was putting out the word and collecting information from the community before many of the other candidates announced their intentions.

When it comes to fundraising, according to the FEC reports which cover through the end of December, 2009, Dachowski has raised three times as much money as Adcock and Quinter.  At that time the other 3 candidates had not even filed an FEC report, suggesting no money raised  at that time.

But the decision will not be made based solely on money.  After all, every candidate agreed that if they were not endorsed they would support the chosen candidate.  I would imagine that they intend to redirect their funding sources to the endorsed candidate in support of the party and their stated goal of defeating Schwartz.

What factors will make a given candidate receive the endorsement? I think it will be qualities such as Congressional demeanor, charisma, intelligence, and conviction.  Of course there will be other factors such social and political networks.  This is not necessarily a bad thing. When many candidates are strong something needs to break the tie and connections can be a factor.

I can’t predict the outcome.  I will participate and cast my vote.  I expect several rounds of elections before one candidate is chosen.

Yes, I am biased towards Damian.  I’ve known him for a long time and know that he is a very intelligent, caring, and committed man.  He understands the issues facing Americans and has a well thought-out plan. Even though I dismiss some of the importance of fund-raising issues, Dr. Dachowski has been very effective even before the endorsement convention. I am rooting for him.

But many things can happen in a convention, especially with 6 viable candidates going for a single position.

I’ll keep you posted…

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The Story of Stuff

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Please join Sustainable Upper Dublin on Wednesday, January 20th at 7 PM for a short film and discussion group.

This month, we’re showing the short film, “The Story of Stuff”.  This is an entertaining take on the lifecycle of consumer goods and how we all impact the planet.  We’ll use the ideas in the film as a jumping off point to discuss what we are doing and can do in Upper Dublin Township to continue our efforts to build a sustainable Township.

There is no cost to join us and refreshements will be served!

What:  The Story of Stuff
When: Wednesday, January 20th, 7-8:30 PM
Who:   Sustainable Upper Dublin and Our Neighbors
Where:  Main Meeting Room, Upper Dublin Township Building, Loch Alsh Avenue, Fort Washington PA

For additional details, email or call:

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Campaign is over

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Thanks to everyone who supported me in this run for Township Commissioner.  I was unsuccessful in the bid, and apologize to my supporters for not succeeding.  At this point I will continue to be involved as a citizen of Upper Dublin, and support the existing Commissioners.  The campaign was clean and positive from both sides.  I thank Mr. Feldman for his gracious campaign.

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My Goals

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Hi!  I am Dr. Chris Pastore and I am running for Township Commissioner for Ward 6 of Upper Dublin.  As your commissioner, my top priority will be to bring citizen’s interests and needs to the Board of Commissioners and the Township Administration.

My goals are to:

  • See that the township respects your hard-earned money by spending tax money responsibly and carefully, not overpaying for what it gets
  • Ensure that the citizens of Upper Dublin are treated respectfully by their Board of Commissioners in public hearings
  • Keep residents informed through my website with up-to-date information regarding meetings, important dates, and issues behind decisions
  • Have regular, informal, “coffee house” meetings/discussions with the community to hear your opinions and concerns as well as to share what is happening in the Township
  • Maintain a high level of communication with you via email, web, or telephone
  • Work to keep Upper Dublin “green” in a way that also financially benefits the community

I recognize that the job of Commissioner is challenging.  It is not always possible to find resolutions that satisfy everyone’s needs.  But if I hear from my constituents I can bring their voice to the discussion and defend that perspective to the best of my ability.  I am not interested in bringing my agenda to the Board – I want to bring yours!

Thank you, and I hope you will vote for me on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009.

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The politics of politics

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We are getting close to election day, and I suppose it was inevitable that some negative campaigning would begin.  This week’s Ambler Gazette contained several Letters to the Editor that were focused on the Upper Dublin Township Commissioner’s race.  One from a sitting Commissioner, and three letters from residents, one in each of the contested races.  All four are supportive of the incumbents.  I suppose it could be entirely coincidental, but it appeared to me to represent the machinations of an organized campaign trying to appear like it was spontaneous.

That’s fine – each candidate wants to win their election and will try different methods to get there.  However the letter from the incumbent just reinforced for me the need for balance, and mostly respect for the residents of Upper Dublin.

Reading things like “Mr. Gordon, Mr. Mele and Mr. Pastore don’t have a clue what it takes to run a first-class township,” seems to me to be inappropriate, rude, and incorrect. There is no basis for the statement other than the claim that none of us has attended one of his budget meetings.

Then we get exposed to a logical fallacy regarding taxes.  In order to lower the taxes burden on the citizenry it is necessary to either reduce expenses or increase earnings elsewhere.  Mr. Pesavento presents 5 different ways that he considered to lower taxes, each of them eliminating services that many people support.  The fallacy is the that he presents this as though there are only 5 possible ways to lower expenses.  I’m sure that he is aware the budget is much more complicated than that!  I truly believe he has some grasp on the complexity of budget planning.  But having control of the discussion (no opportunity for dialogue in a printed letter) allows him to be sarcastic and condescending.

Unfortunately I have seen this sarcasm and condescending behavior show up in the Board of Commissioners meetings on a regular basis.

The Citizens of Upper Dublin deserve respect.  They should not be patronized or dismissed, or be addressed as “Hey, Lady!”

Clearly the decisions that must be made by the Board will not always be in accord with each and every resident.  This is a difficult job.  But the basis for decision making can be made clear to the public, and every effort must be made to ensure that the residents do not feel alienated in the process.

Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009!

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Build Green 2009 and “In Action”

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Build Green 2009 was held in downtown Philadelphia last week (Oct 14 and 15).  The Engineering and Design Institute was one of the conveners of the conference and we had a great time.  Around 450 attendees from all different disciplines came together to talk about green buildings and what we can do to save money and the planet.  It was interesting to see all the different vendors with new products and new concepts for building technologies.  We kept hearing that sustainability is about saving money for the building owner as well as reducing green house gases and mitigating climate change.

At the conference we ran our first live in front of an audience recording of EcoMan and The Skeptic.  This “In Action” version of the weekly radio broadcast/podcast was great fun!  We should do more of these.  It was nice to get questions from the live audience for the our guest, Bruce Offner.  Also it was nice to have some feedback from the audience as we spoke about the news and played the Green Washing Quiz.

The episode will be broadcast on GreenTalkNetwork tomorrow (Weds October 21) and will be on iTunes for download shortly thereafter (search for EcoMan and The Skeptic).  A third way to listen is to go to my university website and download the file: A list of archives are near the bottom of the first page. My apologies that the page is not as pretty as it should be. School is a bit hectic right now and making the website pretty is a low priority right now.

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