Chris Pastore

Upper Dublin, PA

Flood response

On Sunday we had quite a storm and streets were flooded out in Upper Dublin.  Dr. Paston posted some excellent pictures on facebook.

What impressed me the most was the quick response of the township to clear drains, close streets, and get things back to normal in a very short time. Well done!

It also makes me think about the Office Park and what the future will bring there.  The discussion about the FEMA flood maps being incorrect (out dated, not having full information of the geographical and man-made details) sounds more and more likely.

Temple University Ambler campus did an excellent study of the Park and the implications for storm water management and traffic flow, which you can find through this link: Ft. Washington Study .

Yes, I was involved in the study, but Prof. Featherstone and his group at Temple did the lion’s share of the work.  And they did an excellent job of evaluating the current situation and considering opportunities for the future.

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