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Upper Dublin, PA

Need for clarity

I was recently surprised by some literature regarding upcoming primary election (May 22) for School Board.  Recently Republican voters received a mailing addressed to “Republican Voter” that contained a sticky note attached to the Democratic school board candidate literature. Some citizens asked me if this was the Republican endorsement.  It is not.  But I heard enough questions that I feel a need to clarify here.

The sticky note is attributed to “Alliance for UD Schools” – a name that suggests no affiliation.  (Curiously this sticker doesn’t say “paid for by …” anywhere…) You can see in the image (below) it says “Republican Primary”, and it highlights the Democratic candidates, and suggests a write-in.


Alliance for UD Schools


Democrats pretending to be Republicans?


The Upper Dublin Republican Committee has endorsed three candidates for school board on this year’s primary:  Charles Liggett, Martha Toll and Tracy Moss-Carfagno.  These are the only three endorsed by UDRC.  The Republican committee did NOT send this bit of literature out, although it seems to imply that they did.

An internet search shows that “Alliance for UD Schools” has connections with, the Upper Dublin Democratic Committee website – obviously not affiliated with the UDRC.

Judge and School Board candidates are allowed to cross-file. That is, they can appear on both Republican and Democratic primaries.  Thus unless the voters go through some deep searching, it is difficult to know where their political allegiance are.

I realize that there is nothing technically wrong with what has been done here. They never actually state that this is a Republican endorsement.  They are trying to convince Republican voters to select the democratic endorsed candidates.

UDRC encourages you to elect Charles LiggettMartha Toll and Tracy Moss-Carfagno for School Board.

Maureen Coggins and Sharon Giamporcaro have been endorsed by the Mongtomery County Republican Committee for county judge.  And yes, we think the Democratic voters should support these two women.  But elect them based on their merits, their skills and their experience.  Look them up – see their qualities and I think you will want them as our judges.


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