Chris Pastore

Upper Dublin, PA

Petition signing

It is petition signing time…  In order to have a candidate’s name on the primary ballot it is necessary to collect signatures on petitions demonstrating support for the candidate.  Different positions require different numbers of signatures – I think they are loosely tied to the number of voters represented by the candidate.

I’ve been collecting signatures for me (to continue as Republican Committeeperson), Tom Murt (State Rep), Stewart Greenleaf (State Senate), Dee Adcock (US Congress) and Tom Corebett (PA Governor).

Although it entails much walking through the snow, it is a pleasant task.  I get to meet neighbors who I only see during petition signing periods and have a chat with them.  I have to say that overall it was an enjoyable experience.

Some people don’t want to sign anything, but I want to clarify that those people were very polite about it and there were no hard feelings.  After all when some stranger walks up to the door asking for signatures, I think it is natural to have some reluctance. Some people were supportive only of some of the candidates but not all, and that is their prerogative.  Again, very polite and cordial.

Probably the most frustrating part is the number of people who are NOT home!  It seems that no matter what day or time I pick to go soliciting the majority of the neighborhood is out doing something more fun than signing petitions.  Good for them, but bad for my shoe leather!

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