Chris Pastore

Upper Dublin, PA

Build Green 2009 and “In Action”

Build Green 2009 was held in downtown Philadelphia last week (Oct 14 and 15).  The Engineering and Design Institute was one of the conveners of the conference and we had a great time.  Around 450 attendees from all different disciplines came together to talk about green buildings and what we can do to save money and the planet.  It was interesting to see all the different vendors with new products and new concepts for building technologies.  We kept hearing that sustainability is about saving money for the building owner as well as reducing green house gases and mitigating climate change.

At the conference we ran our first live in front of an audience recording of EcoMan and The Skeptic.  This “In Action” version of the weekly radio broadcast/podcast was great fun!  We should do more of these.  It was nice to get questions from the live audience for the our guest, Bruce Offner.  Also it was nice to have some feedback from the audience as we spoke about the news and played the Green Washing Quiz.

The episode will be broadcast on GreenTalkNetwork tomorrow (Weds October 21) and will be on iTunes for download shortly thereafter (search for EcoMan and The Skeptic).  A third way to listen is to go to my university website and download the file: A list of archives are near the bottom of the first page. My apologies that the page is not as pretty as it should be. School is a bit hectic right now and making the website pretty is a low priority right now.

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