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Find your ballot

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Anyone curious about their specific ballot can find information at the League of Women’s Voters website, or submit the information here:



Smart Voter
Get your ballot!

Street Address:

Zip Code:

Addresses are kept confidential

A service of the League of Women Voters of California Education Fund

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HB/SB 1776: The Property Tax Independence Act

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In Pennsylvania, House Bill 1776 is under consideration which effective would remove the School property tax for home owners in Pennsylvania and replace that with increased income tax and sales tax. The income tax is intended to increase from the current 3.07% up to a new 4.34%. Sales tax would increase from 6% to 7% and the list of things subject to taxes will increase. The proposal will continue to keep clothing that costs less than $50 and food that is on the WIC list tax free.

Someone living on a fixed income will most likely derive the greatest benefit from this. School taxes go up pretty much every year, and fixed income does not.

It’s hard to make a good estimate of whether you personally will financially benefit or not from this change, but there is an estimator page here:

The plan intends to maintain school district funding at the same level they currently have.

There is no PA income tax for individuals earning less than $35,000 per year.

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Need for clarity

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I was recently surprised by some literature regarding upcoming primary election (May 22) for School Board.  Recently Republican voters received a mailing addressed to “Republican Voter” that contained a sticky note attached to the Democratic school board candidate literature. Some citizens asked me if this was the Republican endorsement.  It is not.  But I heard enough questions that I feel a need to clarify here.

The sticky note is attributed to “Alliance for UD Schools” – a name that suggests no affiliation.  (Curiously this sticker doesn’t say “paid for by …” anywhere…) You can see in the image (below) it says “Republican Primary”, and it highlights the Democratic candidates, and suggests a write-in.


Alliance for UD Schools


Democrats pretending to be Republicans?


The Upper Dublin Republican Committee has endorsed three candidates for school board on this year’s primary:  Charles Liggett, Martha Toll and Tracy Moss-Carfagno.  These are the only three endorsed by UDRC.  The Republican committee did NOT send this bit of literature out, although it seems to imply that they did.

An internet search shows that “Alliance for UD Schools” has connections with, the Upper Dublin Democratic Committee website – obviously not affiliated with the UDRC.

Judge and School Board candidates are allowed to cross-file. That is, they can appear on both Republican and Democratic primaries.  Thus unless the voters go through some deep searching, it is difficult to know where their political allegiance are.

I realize that there is nothing technically wrong with what has been done here. They never actually state that this is a Republican endorsement.  They are trying to convince Republican voters to select the democratic endorsed candidates.

UDRC encourages you to elect Charles LiggettMartha Toll and Tracy Moss-Carfagno for School Board.

Maureen Coggins and Sharon Giamporcaro have been endorsed by the Mongtomery County Republican Committee for county judge.  And yes, we think the Democratic voters should support these two women.  But elect them based on their merits, their skills and their experience.  Look them up – see their qualities and I think you will want them as our judges.


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Primary Elections – May 21, 2013

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Don’t forget – the Pennsylvania Primary Elections are on Tuesday May 21, 2013.  Please vote!  Upper Dublin continues to be one of the more active voting communities in Montgomery County, but we do have room for improvement.

This year  focuses on local elections – and we have a number of positions to be filled: Judge of the Superior Court, Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, Jury Commissioner, Auditor, School Board, Township Commissioners, Judge of Elections, Inspector of Elections, and more.

For some of the positions – judges and school board – candidates are permitted to run on both primary ballots as long as they have properly secured their petitions to do so.  This means you need to be particularly thoughtful on your choices.  It is possible for a registered Democrat to win on the Republican primary, for example.  Make sure you do your research, and ask questions!  If you have any questions for me, or want some additional clarification on the primary process, please write me at Chris@

These are not as high profile as President or Senator, but these positions affect our daily lives in a real way.

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EarthFest at Temple University Ambler Campus

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On Friday April 26, 2013, Temple Ambler will be hosting EarthFest from 9:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. rain or shine. I encourage everyone to come visit, learn about green strategies you can employ at home, or consider some of the bigger issues we are confronting. Find out how to save money and the planet at the same time!

The Upper Dublin Republican Party will have a presence at EarthFest, talking about some of the urban farming training that is going on at Bopegan Farms with the KIPP Charter School in Philadelphia. Also most of the Republican candidates for the upcoming primary will be present for you to greet and talk about greening the community!

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Dinner/Dance Night in Hamilton, NJ

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I know – this is not about local politics, but it does cover my other passion, music!

On Sunday September 18, 2011 I will be playing piano with Monday Blues Jazz Orchestra for the first of what we hope will become the premier monthly dining and dancing event in the tri-state area!

We have partnered with The Hamilton Manor to bring you an evening of great food, great music, and dancing to the sound of a 20+ piece big band in the 6,500 square foot main ballroom. The event will feature music of all styles (Swing, Foxtrot, Waltz, Cha-Cha, Rhumba, Hustle, Tango, Salsa, Samba, Merengue, and many others), performed as only the Monday Blues Jazz Orchestra can.

Tickets are $39.95, and will entitle you to hand-passed hors d’oeuvres, a buffet style dinner, and 3 hours of dancing to the music of the Monday Blues Jazz Orchestra. Hor’s D’oeuvres and cocktails will begin at 5 pm, followed by dinner and the Monday Blues Jazz Orchestra for your listening and dancing pleasure. Reservations suggested, but not required.

The Hamilton Manor
30 Route 156
Hamilton, NJ 08620


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Steve Melick is running for School Board in Upper Dublin, and has the following information to share with anyone who might be interested:

Steve Melick
Organized, efficient, innovative, pragmatic, creative problem solver, able to build consensus and lead.

Education Drexel University, BS 1994
Professional Experience 17 years as entrepreneur; started, operated and sold two successful businesses. Created hundreds of jobs, many from within the Fort Washington Office Park.

Currently Executive Director for the La Salle University Center for Entrepreneurship and consultant to early stage businesses.

Board and Managerial Experience Corporate governance, financial forecasting and budget management, operations process improvement, professional Board experience.
Issues Rigorous, critical budget management. Eliminate waste and inefficiency.

Increase accountability and scrutiny through financial discipline.

Continue to provide our students with one of the Commonwealth’s top primary education programs.

Prepare the school district for challenging times ahead by establishing clear priorities and aligning current and forecasted financial needs with revenues.

Personal Three children currently attending Thomas Fitzwater Elementary.

Wife, Megan, is a social worker for the Albert Einstein Cancer Center.

Baseball commissioner and coach for the Upper Dublin Junior Athletics Association.

Soccer coach, Mystery Reader, homework tutor, school parent volunteer, and very involved in children’s education.


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More internet presence

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I haven’t posted here in a long time.  Been quite busy with school and music and family.  But I have a couple of web presences to share.  I was asked by AOL to answer a little question about vampire devices, which shows up here:

Unplugging Appliances on Sharepop

And I will be having fun talking about the science of glass on April 16, 2010, while the expert glassblower Sean Gilvey makes things at Hudson Beach Glass, part of the Philadelphia Arts and Science festival. Looks like it is already sold!

Hudson Beach or
Philly Fun Guide

Hudson Beach Glass

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Talking about Carbon Spending Plan

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Professor Rob Fryer and I had some fun on the 10! show today (November 18, 2010) talking about how individuals can establish a carbon spending plan and develop internalized objectives to save the planet (and save money at the same time!)

Reducing your Carbon Spending Plan

You can find some details about the carbon budget calculations through Rob’s blog:

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October events for UDRC

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We have two fun events coming up for the UDRC – I hope many can attend!

Cocktail Fundraiser:  Thursday, October 14, 2010 from 6-8 at the Jarrettown Hotel in Dresher, PA.  We haven’t heard back from everyone, but we’ve invited the relevant candidates for Upper Dublin to be there.  The main purpose is twofold – to network with other UD republicans and to raise money for the organization.  There will be live music and dancing, with entertainment by ORN Jazz!  Cost is $50/person.  If you are interested, let me know and I will get you hooked up with the registration group.

UDRC Autumn Picnic:  Sunday, October 24th, 2010 from 1-3 at Mondauk Park.  This is free for all – meet you neighbors, have some hotdogs/burgers, meet candidates!  Join us, please!  All you need to do is show up.

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